About TK Images

About TK Images

With style, drama, and sophistication, TK Images' team of professional photographers and editors showcase a seller's home to present it in its best light - whether the property is a $50,000 bungalow or a $14 million estate. Since its founding in 2002, the company has focused a keen eye and a deep passion on real estate photography. First impressions are critical, and it is more often than not that a property photo makes that first impression. Therefore, owner Julie Pistone Krampitz and her staff of professional photographers and editors operate under the tenets of quality, customer service, and dedication:

Quality - Images are a selling medium. Therefore every photograph is carefully staged by a photographer grounded in the ins and outs of real estate, and then enhanced through the editing process to look its best. TK Images provides high-resolution photos for online listings, property brochures, magazine advertisements, and community developers. The quality of their work has garnered national recognition through the 2009 Dream Home Awards.

Customer Service - Mirroring the fast pace of the real estate industry, TK Images offers a next business day turnaround to its Realtor clients. In addition, TK Images will load the photos to MLS, offering a smooth and seamless delivery system.

Dedication - Specializing in serving an industry that all of the team members are passionate about, TK Images focuses on residential properties and community amenities, but also applies their processes to commercial, retail, hotel, and other spaces.

Dedication and passion are traits appreciated by their clients, some of whom have been using TK Images since 2002.

Photography by TK Images has been featured on the cover or within Pinnacle, Great Properties, Christie's Great Estates Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Houston Business Journal, and many real estate company marketing publications. They have produced award-winning images that have been recognized in the Wall Street Journal.

Who We Are

Owner Julie Pistone Krampitz has been involved in real estate since her childhood, first assisting her mother, a successful Realtor who oversaw her own company. From those beginnings, Julie has moved through the ranks of the real estate industry as a licensed Realtor, as well. She understands the intricacies of working with sellers and the challenges Realtors encounter, having sold listings valued from $200,000 to $2 million.

Julie's wide-ranging sales experience encompasses expansive beach-front homes in Los Cabos to on-site sales at a luxury high rise in downtown Houston. Her background ensures she knows how the real estate business operates, what an agent must do to make a sale, what types of images are most effective, and the importance of quality, and timeliness.

Working with Julie is a staff of eight professional photographers and three editors, who are pictured below.

image description

Pictured: Desteny (Photographer), Jackie (Editor), Dan (Photographer), Maria (Operations Manager), Matt (Photographer), Natalia (Administrative Assistant), Mark (Photographer), Bill (Photographer), Emily (Client Relations Manager), Angie (Editor), Julie (Owner), Rachel (Editor), Jackie (Editor), Andres (Photographer), Megan (Photographer), Tad (Photographer), Michelle (CFO), Kris (Editor)

How We Work

Appointments can be scheduled online or calling us at 713.545.9177. Most clients schedule their photography to be completed prior to the property hitting the MLS. Two to three days' advance notification is recommended, but appointments can often be scheduled on shorter notice.

All of TK Images' photographers use state of the art equipment with a wide angle lens, which allows for a greater scope than a regular point and shoot setup. Professional lighting is provided to ensure each photograph portrays the property to its best advantage.

All images are reviewed by one of TK Images' editors. Enhancements are made to ensure the grass is green, the sky is blue, and the interiors pop.

For real estate listings, TK Images can load images into the MLS. Our goal is to have your photos shot, enhanced, and loaded prior to the listing going live in the MLS. From experience, we know that photos are a key component of property sales, and listings without pictures are often overlooked.

What's In A Name?

After working in the business side of the real estate industry, Todd Krampitz founded TK Images in 2002 to combine his passion for real estate and photography. His vision for the business continues through his wife Julie, who joined TK Images in 2004 and has run the business since 2005. In memory of Todd, the TK Foundation was formed to help increase organ donor awareness. To learn more please visit www.TKFoundation.org

Terms Of Service

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